CelcomDigi Fibre Terms and Conditions (T&C)

This CelcomDigi Fibre is a fixed internet access service to your home (“Fibre Internet Service“).
This Fibre Internet Service is made available by Celcom Mobile Sdn Bhd (“Celcom”) and Digi
Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (“Digi”) subject to the terms and conditions provided herein
(“Terms and Conditions”). You acknowledge that you have read and fully understood these
Terms and Conditions. Your use of the Fibre Internet Service, upon activation, constitutes
unconditional acceptance to be bound by these Terms and Conditions as may be amended
from time to time by Celcom and Digi.

1. General

1.1. The Fibre Internet Service comprises different plans that you may choose, the
details of which are available herein (the CelcomDigi Fibre Plan“). Celcom and Digi
reserve the right to change the CelcomDigi Fibre Plan from time to time as Celcom
and Digi deem fit.

1.2. Fibre Internet Service:

1.2.1. The Fibre Internet Service comprises the following equipment
(“CelcomDigi’s Equipment”):

(a) A Broadband Termination Unit (“BTU”);

(b) A WiFi Router (“CPE”), if required by you;

If your home is an apartment, the Access Line is from the MDF Room to the BTU in
your apartment or if your home is a landed property, the Access Line is from the
nearest fibre junction box to the BTU in your home. All of the above components
will be installed according to our Standard Installation as set out below.

1.3. Fibre Internet Service Availability:

1.3.1. The Fibre Internet Service is only available in areas where Celcom or Digi
has such fibre internet coverage (“Designated Area”). This may be looked
up at the CelcomDigi Fibre Plan on the CelcomDigi’s website
Upon submission of your completed application, you will receive a
Whatsapp from Celcom or Digi within approximately three (3) business days
from your application submission date, to inform you to engage for
verification and proceeding with your application. The provision of the
Fibre Internet Service is at Celcom’s and Digi’s sole discretion.

1.4. Fibre Internet Service Eligibility:

1.4.1. You are ineligible for the Fibre Internet Service if:

a) you have any outstanding payments with Celcom and/or Digi for any other
telecommunications service which you subscribed with Celcom and/or
Digi; or

b) you are blacklisted by any other fixed and / or mobile
telecommunications providers;

c) you fail the credit worthiness check. In this regard, you hereby consent and
allow Celcom and/or Digi to attend to any credit check on you; and / or

d) Celcom and Digi are of the reasonable opinion that you will use the Fibre
Internet Service for any illegal activities.

1.5. The provision of the Fibre Internet Service is contingent on your address (the
“Premises”) being within the Designated Area and having an available port. For the
avoidance of doubt, if the Premises is within the Designated Area but there are
other issues arising (including but not limited to unavailability of fibre port(s)),
Celcom and Digi reserve the rights to provide you alternative internet service as an
interim measure. In such cases, Celcom and Digi shall not be held liable for any
inability to provide assistance, or the outcome of any assistance rendered.

2. CelcomDigi Fibre Plan

2.1. Celcom and Digi currently offer Three (3) different CelcomDigi Fibre Plans namely:

(i) CelcomDigi Fibre 50Mbps,

(ii) CelcomDigi Fibre 100Mbps,

(iii) CelcomDigi Fibre 300Mbps.

You understand that the Fibre Internet Service experience provided is on a best effort
basis and is subject to device compatibility and location.

2.2. The CelcomDigi Fibre Plan is governed by these respective terms and does not take
precedence over each other:

(a) Celcom’s Privacy Statement and Fair Usage Policy;
(b) Digi’s Privacy Notice; and

(c) any other relevant policies that are related to the Fibre Internet Service as may be
published on Celcom’s and Digi’s website from time to time (collectively referred to as
the “Terms”). By subscribing to any of the CelcomDigi Fibre Plan, you are deemed to have
read and accepted all the Terms.

3. Fibre Internet Service Rules

3.1. You must be aged eighteen (18) years and above to subscribe for a CelcomDigi Fibre
Plan. By subscribing to the CelcomDigi Fibre Plan, you represent and confirm that
you are eighteen (18) years and above, and of sound mind. If you are a company
incorporated under the laws of Malaysia and are acquiring this Fibre Internet Service
for a director and/or employee only, then these terms are applicable to you. The
continued use of the Fibre Internet Service by the enduser director or employee is
deemed to be that enduser’s acceptance of the terms in these Terms and

3.2. You shall ensure and undertake that all information (and documents) submitted to
Celcom and Digi for the purpose of subscribing to the CelcomDigi Fibre Plan are
accurate, true, current and complete and undertakes to inform Celcom and Digi of
any updates of such information if there are any changes thereafter.

3.3. You are required to submit the following documents to Celcom and Digi for
verification purpose during application, registration and / or installation

(a) MyKad (Malaysians) or MyKAS/MyPR (permanent resident); or

(b) Passport with at least a minimum of twentyfour (24) months validity.

3.4. You undertake that any information submitted and / or representation made is
correct and legitimate. Celcom and Digi reserve the right to rely on the information
submitted and / or representation in order to proceed with the subscription
application. Celcom and Digi reserve the right to make further enquiry due to any
uncertainty of the information submitted and / or representation made by you or
your authorized representative. You hereby represent that any documentation
presented for the purpose of online subscription is true, accurate, current, and
complete and shall be kept in Celcom and Digi record and is admissible in any court
of law and conclusive documents.